Our experts have hands-on experience as portfolio managers and senior managers on buy side, sell side, at broker dealers and at leading investment banks on a wide variety of asset classes, including:

  • Fixed Income

  • Equities

  • Derivatives

  • Structured Products

  • Quantitative Investments

  • Real Estate Strategic Investments

Our expertise includes Portfolio Management, Investment Advisory, Underwriting and Investment Banking, and Trading Activities.

Our experts have a deep industry experience as executive at leading financial institution developing  and executing corporate strategy for business expansion, strategic marketing and product strategies.


Our expertise includes sourcing, negotiating, and executing global strategic investments in products and distribution, including:

  • acquisitions,

  • lift-outs,

  • corporate ventures,

  • joint ventures and

  • emerging manager seedings in hedge funds and long-only products.

Representative Engagements

  • Largest Shareholder in US Major Insurance Company vs. U.S. Government
    Claim against the U.S. Government in connection to assistance and buyout process taken over a large insurance company due to its exposure to structured credit products such as CDO, CLOs and RMBS, as well as exposure in connection to its securities lending program. Represented Plaintiffs. Assessment of overall exposure to structure credit products and securities lending program.


  • Securities and Exchange Commission v. Transamerica Corporation et al.
    SEC claim against Transamerica for, According to the SEC’s order, alleging that investors put billions of dollars into mutual funds and strategies using the faulty models developed by investment adviser AEGON USA Investment Management LLC (AUIM) and that when AUIM and TAM learned about the errors, they stopped using the models without telling investors or disclosing the errors.


  • Top Tier European Bank v. Large Asset Management Company
    SEDA Experts assisted Defendants on claim by Investment Bank (Funding Agent) over the termination amount of hybrid CDOs warehouse that failed to close, in connection with hedges placed against the warehouse assets, and their potential mitigation impact in the final warehouse losses claimed by the Investment Bank. SEDA team assessed the overall warehouse portfolio, including all hedging positions in order to calculate the net gain/loss for the warehouse upon termination event.

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