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SEDA Experts team consulting experience includes damage, forensic accounting, and valuation analysis triggered by a breach of contract and commercial disputes, including:

  • Fraud

  • Misrepresentation

  • Misappropriation

  • Executive compensation

  • Products mislabeling

  • Trade secrets, and

  • Other related allegations and claims


We have experience applying different methodologies and well-accepted analyses such as lost profits, full-price restitution, disgorgement of profits, as well as valuation methods such as discounted cash flows, market multiples, comparable analysis, and event study analysis.

We also assist law firms and clients throughout the Class Certification process.

Our damage experts and supporting staff have assisted several Class Actions and are well versed with regards to the various approaches and methodologies well accepted in this very specific type of action, as well as in the specific requirements that a Class Action needs to meet and satisfy in order to be certified.

Our team has extensive experience performing a broad range of damage analyses and valuations for businesses of various sizes and in numerous industries, including:

•    Financial Services
•    Energy
•    Health Care
•    Transportation
•    Aerospace
•    Food and Beverage
•    Cosmetic and Beauty Products

•    Real Estate

Representative Engagements

  • Large U.S. Exchange v. Fund Services Provider 
    SEDA Experts performed the calculation of lost profits based on various Fund terminations and or loss of business, as well as Discounted Cash Flow analysis to determine the value of future lost profits. SEDA Experts determined appropriate discount rates to be applied to various instruments with different risk profiles.

  • Large Shipping and Freight Company vs. New Competitor 
    SEDA Experts assessed damages allegedly caused by misappropriation of client information, analyzed large data files (thousands of entries) and reconciled customer and shipping information. Identification of mitigation factors and information resulting in the reduction of alleged damages amounts was also determined by SEDA Experts.


  • Discount Retailer v. Sports Nutritional Products Company 
    SEDA Experts performed the calculation of damages due to breach of contract, analysis of company financials and product transactions, identification of defective products, and calculation of the price difference between defective products versus non-defective products.

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