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Kevin D. Oden | Managing Director of SEDA Experts,LLC

Kevin D. Oden, PhD

Managing Director


  • Market, Credit and Counterparty Risk

  • Operational Risk

  • Risk Model Development and Validation

  • Risk Management

  • Portfolio Management

  • Asset and Liability Management

Risk Management Expert Witness

Dr. Oden, has unrivaled financial risk management expertise and over 30 years of financial markets experience with leading financial institutions firms, such as Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs, holding executive positions. As former EVP and Head of Operational Risk and Compliance he is a world class expert in market risk, credit risk, counterparty risk, and operational risk.

Kevin D. Oden is an innovative risk manager and entrepreneur with a strong track record of leading risk teams to the forefront of industry practice. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Risk Management Association (RMA) and on the RMA Journal Editorial Advisory Board and the financial technology firm Scienaptic Systems.


During his career he managed small and large teams (as many as 4000) across a number of risk disciplines including market risk, counterparty risk, model validation, risk model development, operational risk, cyber security, financial crimes and compliance. Developed an industry leading practice in model risk management with patents pending on several innovations in system design. Highly successful at building working relationships with business leaders as well as U.S. and foreign regulators.


He has over 30 years of industry experience, including risk management, trading, sales, portfolio management. Superior quantitative background and communication skills provide a unique ability to deliver risk insight to all stakeholders and influence decision making throughout the firm. He was a member of Wells Fargo’s management committee and Asset Liability Committee (ALCO). 

Dr. Oden was an Executive Vice President and Head of Operational Risk and Compliance within Corporate Risk at Wells Fargo & Co., managing second-line risk activities across information security, financial crimes risk, model risk, operational risk, regulatory compliance risk, and technology risk. Prior to this he was the Chief Market & Institutional Risk officer for Wells Fargo & Co.  


Before joining Wells Fargo in November 2005, he was a proprietary trader at several firms including his own, specializing in the commodity and currency markets. He began his finance career at Goldman Sachs in 1997 working in the risk and commodities groups.


Before moving to finance, Dr. Oden was the Benjamin Pierce Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Harvard University, where he specialized in differential geometry and published in the areas of geometry, statistics and graph theory.

He holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of California, Los Angeles and received bachelor degrees in science and business from Cleveland State University.  Oden has served on the Board of Trustees of the Charlotte Symphony, the Board of Directors of Charlotte Concerts, the interest rates swap committee of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.


Quantitative Finance in the Post Crisis Financial Environment

Commercial Banking Risk Management, Editor Weidong Tian Palgrave Macmillan 2017

Credit Valuation Adjustment: Calculation and Risk Management

RMA Roundtable Presentation Fall 2010, New York

Risk Management, Value at Risk and the Challenges of Correlation  

Risk Capital Conference 2008, Paris

The Latest Challenges to VaR - Risk Capital Conference 2007, Paris

Weighted Graph Laplacians and Isoperimetric Inequalities 

Fan Chung & Kevin Oden, Pacific Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 192 2000

Spectral Gap Estimates on Compact Manifolds
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Isoperimetric Inequalities and the Gap Between the First and Second Eigenvalue of an Euclidean Domain

S.Y. Cheng & Kevin Oden, Journal of Geometric Analysis, Vol. 7, No. 2 1997

Geodesic Estimation in Elliptical Distribution
Maia Berkane, Kevin Oden & Peter Bentler, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, Vol.63, No 1 1997



University of California

PH.D. Mathematics

University of California

M.A. Mathematics


Cleveland State University

B.S. Mathematics, B.A. Business



SEDA Experts, LLC

Managing Director


Kevin D. Oden & Associates, LLC

Founder and Managing Partner


Wells Fargo Bank

EVP, Head of Operational Risk and Compliance



EVP, Head of Market and Institutional Risk



Head of Wells Fargo Securities Market Risk


Sr. Market Risk Officer, Financial Products Group


Wachovia Bank

Head of Counterparty Credit and Global Rates Risk Management


Graham Capital Management

Portfolio Manager


Bear Stearns

Associate Director, The Mathematical Arbitrage Group


Oden Capital, LLC

Managing Partner


Schonfeld Securities, LLC

Head of Automated Trading & Senior Quantitative Analyst



Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette

Vice President Risk Oversight

Goldman Sachs & Co.

Vice President, Asset Management



Vice President, Currencies & Commodities Group


Risk Management Group


Harvard University

Benjamin Peirce, Assistant Professor of Mathematics



Registrations Series: 3, 7, 24, 55, 63

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