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Alexander Huang has over 10 years of experience specializing in litigation support and forensic economic services. His professional experience includes financial analysis, econometric analysis, class certification, market efficiency, price impact, damages estimation, loss causation, materiality, damages quantification, and assisting in settlement and mediation disputes. Mr. Huang has his bachelor’s in finance and quantitative modelling from Babson College in Massachusetts.

Alexander's expertise encompasses a wide range of challenging cases and projects. He has conducted economic forensic analyses in over 200 securities class action cases over his career, assisting clients through both class certification and the recovery of damages. In addition, Mr. Huang has extensive experience in both assessing preliminary damages and assisting in class action settlements and related mediation disputes. Throughout his years of experience, Alexander has applied his professional skillset to high-stakes disputes in a variety of industry sectors and markets including consumer goods, banking & financial services, oil & gas (U.S. and South America), pharmaceuticals, healthcare equipment & services, aerospace & defense, automobiles & components, software & services, insurance, and more. 

Mr. Huang also has extensive experience in analyzing various asset classes and corporate structures in the context of class action litigation, including equities, bonds, options, warrants, digital assets (cryptocurrencies), real estate investment trusts, and special purpose acquisition companies, among others. 

In matters of class certification, Alexander has been entrusted with assessing market efficiency and determining the applicability of common damages models. His skillset has also been applied to assess whether alleged misrepresentations and omissions impacted the price of at-issue securities through event study analysis. In matters of loss causation and damages, Alexander has been engaged to assist in the calculation of economic damages stemming from allegations of fraud as well as in the demonstration of economic materiality. Mr. Huang has calculated damages stemming from allegations of fraud under various U.S. legal statues, including Section 10(b)-5, Section 11, Section 14(a), and state-specific statues.

Alexander’s proficiency in the finance and economic world of class action securities litigation has assisted clients in damages recovery in a variety of high-profile securities litigation cases, including a case against a multinational Brazilian petroleum company alleged to have participated in one of the largest corruption scandals in Brazilian history. Over his career, Mr. Huang has provided essential insights and analyses in assisting clients reach settlements ranging up to over a billion dollars in recovery.

Alexander currently holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and quantitative modelling from Babson College.



Class Action Litigation

Market Efficiency

Price Impact

Loss Causation

Economic Damages

Damages Evaluation



Babson College

Bachelor of Science : Finance and Quantitative Modeling


SEDA Experts

Associate Director


Crowninshield Financial Research

Senior Associate & Project Manager




Junior Analyst




Securities Class Action and Damages Consultant

Class Action Litigation,

Market Efficiency,

Price Impact,

Loss Causation,

Economic Damages,

Damages Evaluation, SEDA consulting, SEDA financial group, Financial services testifying expert, Financial Industry Experts, Testifying Experts Support, financial expert witness, Dispute Resolution

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