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Kevin Murphy has spent over 30 years in financial markets and is an acknowledged expert in equity markets, risk and structured products. He is presently a partner at Sachs Capital Group Asset Management overseeing Trading, Risk and Product Development after leadership roles at several global investment banks. Kevin was a structured derivatives trader in New York and London across the fixed income, foreign exchange and equity markets.

Kevin managed highly successful structured equity derivative trading teams at JP Morgan, Lehman and Barclays. At Barclays, he led a 300-person group of global trading, structuring and sales teams focusing on client solutions and structured transactions including corporate derivatives, margin financing, structured investment products, quantitative investment strategies and fund derivative solutions.


Kevin’s roles also included significant infrastructure design, capital allocation and risk oversight across the global markets businesses as well as extensive regulatory oversight responsibilities ranging from Federal Reserve CCAR, stress testing, benchmark administration and model valuation.


Throughout Kevin’s career he has had extensive involvement in the more complex products available for investing clients. They have included systematic strategies and fund financing as well as complex products for insurance companies. Kevin was granted leadership roles in both fixed income and equity exotics businesses after beginning his career as a quantitative researcher for fixed income portfolios.


Kevin earned his Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, Economics and Management from Carnegie Mellon University. He resides with his wife and child in New York City.




Fixed Income Trading

FX Trading

Equity Trading



Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Economics and Industrial Management Graduated with Honors


SEDA Experts

Managing Director

2024 - Current

Sachs Capital Group Asset Management


2023 – Current

Barclays Capital

Managing Director

Global Equities Head of Risk, Capital and Platforms

Global Head of EFS Solutions Business


Lehman Brothers Inc.

Managing Director


J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

Managing Director

Equity Derivatives Group

Fixed Income Derivatives Group

Fixed Income Research


Derivatives Expert Witness


Fixed Income Trading

FX Trading

Equity Trading

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Kevin M. Murphy

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