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Michael Dafforn is a former Executive Director, Corporate Derivatives Trading at Nomura International, and a financing specialist with over 24 years of global markets experience across structuring and trading roles within leading investment banks where he was responsible for structuring, executing, and managing financing transactions within both equities and fixed income divisions.

Michael is a specialist in due diligence (including the credit analysis of borrowers and collateral positions); preparation and presentation to investment, credit, and market risk committees; management of collateralized financing portfolios.

At Nomura, Michael managed the EMEA Corporate Derivatives Trading book and his responsibilities included preliminary trade screening, structuring, risk analysis, deal execution, and ongoing risk management. He worked on a range of transactions – from financing the acquisition of an acquisition in a controlling stake in a European industrial group to leveraging family offices’ stakes in listed equities.

Prior to joining Nomura, Michael was a Director and Senior Structurer in Bank of America’s Equities Structured Finance team in London working with family offices and financial sponsors on margin loans and derivatives. During his time in Asia, Michael worked on many financing transactions in both developed and emerging markets. At Barclays, he served on the Asian management committee for equity derivative trading and was a member of the Asian cross-asset structured financing committee.  


Before, Michael worked at Chase Manhattan and Goldman Sachs in London in teams covering financial institution clients for structured credit and structured interest rates. Since he graduated INSEAD with an MBA in 2005, Michael has been responsible for private financing transactions across several different institutions across London, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Michael is currently focusing on opportunities in the energy transition sector and has been involved in several projects in the oil and gas decommissioning and renewable energy sectors.



Corporate Derivatives Trading 

Equity Derivatives

Structured Lending

Equity Structured Finance

Margin loans and derivatives



INSEAD, France & Singapore


University of Warwick

B.Sc. (Hons) in M.O.R.S.E.

(Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics)


Nomura International (London)

Executive Director, EMEA Corporate Derivatives Trading


Bank of America Merrill Lynch (London)

Director, Senior Structurer, Equity Structured Finance


Barclays (Hong Kong & Singapore)

Director, APAC Strategic Equity Derivatives

2010 -2014

Director, Structured Lending


Framework Capital Solutions (Singapore)

Vice President, Structured Lending

2006 - 2007

Goldman Sachs (London)

Associate, Derivatives Marketing Group

2000 – 2004

Chase Manhattan Bank (London)

Global Markets Officer, Fixed Income

1998 – 2000

Corporate Derivatives Expert Witness

Corporate Derivatives Trading,

Equity Derivatives,

Structured Lending,

Equity Structured Finance,

Margin loans and derivatives, SEDA consulting, SEDA financial group, Financial services testifying expert, Financial Industry Experts, Testifying Experts Support, financial expert witness, Dispute Resolution

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Michael Dafforn

1185 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

+1 646-626-4555

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