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Dr. Tzenova provides expert testimony and litigation consulting services on a broad spectrum of economic issues in the areas of commercial damages, business valuation, intellectual property, antitrust and competition strategy, and various issues at the intersection of business and government. Over the course of her career, she has prepared expert reports and directed project work in connection with litigation and arbitration proceedings in many industries including automobiles, biotech, building materials, chemicals, computer and electronic equipment, consumer goods, healthcare, information technology, media and entertainment, pharmaceuticals, software, telecommunications, textiles, and transportation.

Within the area of intellectual property, Dr. Tzenova specializes in patent valuation, reasonable royalties and lost profits, preliminary and permanent injunctions, ongoing royalty-rate determination in the absence of an injunction, commercial success, irreparable harm, bonding, ITC Section 337 investigations, domestic industry, likelihood of success, balance of equities, and public interest. She also has extensive experience in calculating damages arising from breach of contract, misappropriation of trade secrets, or trademark and copyright infringement. Outside the context of litigation, Dr. Tzenova has assisted clients in licensing negotiations with non-practicing entities (NPEs) and other owners of intellectual property. She has also given CLE talks on patent valuation to law-firms and bar associations.


In the areas of antitrust and competition strategy, Dr. Tzenova analyzes economic issues related to class certification, damages, and liability in cases related to alleged price fixing, monopolization, exclusionary conduct, tying, vertical restrictions, market allocation, predatory pricing, and price discrimination.

Dr. Tzenova holds undergraduate and master’s degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), as well as MBA and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.


During the last decade, Dr. Tzenova has testified extensively in national arbitration proceedings related to the economic consequences of the landmark 1998 tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (MSA), which remains the largest civil settlement in U.S. history nearly a quarter of a century later. Dr. Tzenova is frequently retained by the Attorneys General of many U.S. States and the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) in ongoing high-stakes disputes with the tobacco industry. In addition to her tobacco-related work, she continues working on other contract, antitrust, and patent cases in state and federal courts and the International Trade Commission (ITC).



Commercial and Economic Damages

Business Valuation

Intellectual Property


Competition Strategy



University of Chicago

Graduate School of Business

Ph.D. in Business with Concentration in Economics, 2005

M.B.A., 2005

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

M.S., Economics, 2001

B.S., Economics, 2001

B.S., Mathematics, 2001


SEDA Experts

Managing Director


Economic Expert in Antitrust,

Intellectual Property, and Contract Disputes


NERA Economic Consulting

Senior Consultant in the Firm’s Antitrust and

Intellectual Property Practices


Economic Expert in Antitrust, Intellectual Property, and Contract Disputes

Commercial and Economic Damages,

Business Valuation,

Intellectual Property,


Competition Strategy, SEDA consulting, SEDA financial group, Financial services testifying expert, Financial Industry Experts, Testifying Experts Support, financial expert witness, Dispute Resolution

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Dr. Svetla Tzenova

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