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Timothy Fogarty is a former senior Federal Reserve Bank officer with over 35 years of industry experience covering all aspects of international central banking operations and extensive special purpose financial transactions in support of U.S. government and multinational policy objectives.

He directly participated in and managed a myriad of high profile official sector international transactions related to stabilizing disorderly market conditions, sovereign debt crises, international dispute resolution, U.S. military operations, multinational organization missions, and other complex, sensitive, and high-risk circumstances.


These experiences provide an extensive and unique perspective across an array of disciplines, with particular emphasis on:

  • Government and international relations

  • Multi-trillion-dollar custodial and correspondent banking operations.

  • Foreign exchange operations

  • International payment systems

  • International currency operations

  • Gold bullion custody, storage and movement

  • Anti-money laundering and government sanctions

  • Foreign military sales

During his career Mr. Fogarty was responsible for the Federal Reserve System's banking and transaction infrastructure serving over 200 foreign and international monetary authorities and multinational organizations with foreign custodial assets exceeding $3 trillion; and for managing fixed income, money and foreign exchange market and official government and central banking transactions of over $600 billion a day.


He was the direct manager of banking operation staff of over 150 management, administrative, analytical, operational, technical and support personnel across two geographically dispersed operating centers, engaged in high-value, time-critical and macro-economically important central banking transactions, including providing clearing and custodial services to support the Federal Reserve System’s domestic and foreign monetary policy operations and the System’s $4 trillion balance sheet. 

Mr. Fogarty was responsible for developing and maintaining close and effective relationships with central banks, foreign governments, and multinational organizations around the world and for representing the Federal Reserve’s interests within this community and with stakeholders throughout the United States Government and the public.

He developed particularly extensive and unique risk and crisis management skills as a result of playing a central role in critical banking operations that were essential to the successful resolution of a multitude of crises since 1980, a representative sample of which includes:


  • The Iran Hostage Crisis

  • Latin America Sovereign Debt Crises/Brady Plan

  • The 1995 Mexico Economic Stabilization Plan

  • The 1997 Asia Financial Crisis

  • 9/11 Emergency Market Stabilization

  • Coalition Military & Reconstruction Operations in Iraq & Afghanistan

  • 2008 Financial Crisis Response



Government and International Relations

Custodial and Correspondent Banking Operations

Foreign Exchange Operations

International Payment Systems

Anti-Money laundering and government sanctions

Gold bullion custody, storage, and movement



Manhattan College

B.S., Business Administration

Magna cum laude

Omicron Dela Epsilon, Honor Society, Economics


Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Senior Vice President


Central Banks Expert

Government and International Relations,

Custodial and Correspondent Banking Operations,

Foreign Exchange Operations,

International Payment Systems,

Anti-Money laundering and government sanctions,

Gold bullion custody, storage, and movement, SEDA consulting, SEDA financial group, Financial services testifying expert, Financial Industry Experts, Testifying Experts Support, financial expert witness, Dispute Resolution

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Timothy J. Fogarty Sr.

1185 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

+1 646-626-4555

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