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Chris Whitman
Managing Director


  • Debt Capital Markets

  • Bank Treasury

  • Equity Capital Markets

  • Capital Allocation and Capital Efficiency

Chris Whitman | Debt Capital Markets and Treasury Expert Witness | SEDA Experts

Chris Whitman has more than 30 years of debt and equity capital markets experience, alongside as a bank treasurer and capital allocator. Chris helmed a handful of global functions over the second half of his 23 years at Deutsche Bank developing and drawing upon these skills.

Following a long senior executive career at Deutsche Bank, Chris co-founded Convergence Value Partners in 2019 where he has focused on exploiting inefficiencies in closed-end investment funds and European dividend futures. CVP has handily outpaced its balanced equity-credit benchmark since inception.


At Deutsche Bank from 1995-2018, Chris led a range of global functions and was based in London from 2007 onward when he relocated to become Deutsche’s Treasurer shortly before the Global Financial Crisis erupted. Managing its capital, liquidity and funding, Chris and his team navigated the GFC without Deutsche’s accepting government capital or funding, unlike nearly all its peers.


Following his Treasurer tenure, Chris held a series of global roles, first co-heading the Global Equity Capital Markets origination function then spearheading the Global Debt Syndicate underwriting function. In his final years at Deutsche, Chris managed the Credit Portfolio Strategies Group, directing the global corporate relationship-lending portfolio and emphasizing business selection, risk management and capital efficiency. Success in this role led to an expanded role managing capital allocation for Deutsche’s Corporate & Investment Bank.

In his formative years at Deutsche, Chris played a key role building the Debt Capital Markets origination business into a global leader, eventually running the business in North America from 2001-2006. Chris had been recruited to Deutsche in 1995 by senior leaders hired to build a global investment bank and for whom he had worked at Merrill Lynch.



Dartmouth College

BA, Government, 1989


SEDA Experts

Managing Director

Convergence Value Partners

Founder / Chief Investment Officer


Deutsche Bank

Head of Financial Resources Management, Corporate & Investment Bank


Head of Corporate Relationship Lending


Head of Global Debt Syndicate


Co-Head of Global Equity Capital Markets




Head of North American Debt Capital Markets


Managing Director, Debt Capital Markets


Merrill Lynch

Vice President, Debt Capital Markets



Consumer Markets Development Program


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