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Bruno Roch has over 20 years of experience in energy markets covering both physical and derivatives transactions and has overseen global trading activities within Goldman Sachs and Trafigura amongst others. He is a world-class expert in Power, Gas, Dry Freight, Iron Ore, Fertilizers, Biomass, Emissions, Petroleum Coke, Thermal and Metallurgical Coal.

Prior to joining SEDA, Bruno held the position of Chairman, Executive Director of SUEK AG (Marketing and Trading), as well as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of the SUEK Group. His responsibilities encompassed overseeing a diverse portfolio of products, including key infrastructure elements such as ports, storages, power plants, railway, and mines. He oversaw both the company’s and Third Party assets, representing over to 120 mln tonnes per year and 17,000 MW of Power and Heat capacity as well as infrastructure and asset investments.


Prior to this, Bruno was a senior trader at Trafigura Pte. Ltd. His responsibilities extended to origination of Russian products as well as North America and Latam, building teams and trading the commodities. He also had responsibility for managing Logistical assets of the group as well as mining investments from a commercial perspective. He was previously responsible for the Atlantic markets in Thermal Coal, Petroleum Coke, Coking Coal and Metallurgical Cokes and traded derivatives in coal, coking coal, freight and Fuel Oil.


Bruno's earlier experience includes working at Goldman Sachs as an Executive Director in their Commodities division, where he traded the Pacific and then the Atlantic Physical Coal book, from the supply side of Colombia, USA, South Africa and Russia to the end consumer in South and Central America as well as North America, plus the European and Mediterranean utilities and occasionally also Asian utilities. Additionally he also traded European Power, Emissions and Natural Gas.


His additional responsibilities included managing the commercial and logistics side of a Colombian Coal mine acquisition by  optimising it within an existing Atlantic portfolio and integration of the Physical Coal business acquired from Constellation Energy with over 100 physical coal and freight contracts.




Energy Markets

Energy Trading

Energy Infrastructure



University of Middlesex

BA Hons SW Degree in Business Studies with German


SEDA Experts

Managing Director


EuroChem and Suek Group companies

Special advisor to the Board and CEO and Development Director

Chief Commercial Officer SUEK Group, Chairman and Executive

Director SUEK AG

Head of Commodity Trading (EuroChem and SUEK), Chairman and

Executive Director SUEK AG

Head of Proprietary Trading


Trafigura Pte. Ltd.

Bulks trader


Goldman Sachs International

Senior Executive Director, Coal & Freight Atlantic Basin

Executive Director, European Power & Gas, EUA Emissions, Physical

and Financial Coal and Freight

Associate, European Power & Gas, EUA Emissions, Financial Coal

and Freight


Manro-Haydan Trading

Commodities Trader


AEP Energy Services Ltd

Senior Trader (Coal & Biomass)

Trader, International Coal and Freight Team

Power and Gas Shift Team and Prompt Market Trader


British Energy Power & Energy Trading Limited

UK Power NETA Shift Trader, Middle Office


Energy Expert Witness


Energy Markets

Energy Trading

Energy Infrastructure

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Bruno Roch

1185 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

+1 646-626-4555

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