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Mark Buono is a CMBS and CRE industry pioneer. He is a former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs where he held various roles in the commercial real estate business for 20 years, and a Managing Director and CRE Portfolio Manager at the Global Atlantic Financial Group. He is an expert in CMBS, CRE CDOs, and REITs, CRE Portfolio Management, and Risk Management.

Dr. Buono is currently a visiting professor at the College of Charleston.


Mark is the former commercial real estate portfolio manager of the insurance company Global Atlantic, where he built the portfolio that consists of real estate equity, real estate commercial mortgages, CMBS, and CRE CDOs.

Dr. Buono spent most of his career at Goldman Sachs where he supervised the origination of commercial mortgage loans that were targeted for CMBS. In his role, he was responsible for capital commitment in the origination of commercial mortgage loans and risk management of the commercial mortgage portfolio and was also a member of the Goldman Sachs Bank capital committee.


Dr. Buono was responsible for securitizing commercial mortgage loans, oversight of the commercial mortgage warehouses, and CRE CLO securitizations. He directed the securitization, risk management, and distribution of CMBS, mezzanine debt, and commercial mortgage CLOs.

During the Great Recession, Dr. Buono was responsible for the resolution of the commercial mortgage portfolio in both the United States and Europe. 

He joined Goldman Sachs in 1993, initially focusing on mortgage research, specializing in residential mortgage credit risk and commercial mortgage-backed securities, and then becoming a senior trader responsible for secondary CMBS trading and managing a group of traders and research analysts. 

Before joining Goldman Sachs Dr. Buono worked at Freddie Mac as the head trader responsible for the pricing and distribution of all the residential mortgages purchased for cash by Freddie Mac, directing a trading desk of five MBS traders.


Dr. Buono started his career as an academic in 1985 as an assistant professor of Finance at Temple University.

Mark earned a Ph.D. in economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1986 and a B.S. in economics from the College of Charleston.




• Buono, Mark J. “An Empirical Investigation of the Macroeconomic Explanations of the Inverse Relationship between Common Stock Returns and Inflation.” University of North Carolina.  Ph.D. Dissertation 1986. • Buono, Mark J. “The Relationship between the Variability of Inflation and Stock Returns: An Empirical Investigation.” Journal of Financial Research 12 (4). 1989. pp. 329-339. • Buono, Mark J. and B. Kelly Eakin. “Branching Restrictions and Banking Costs.” Journal of Banking and Finance 14 (6). December 1990. pp. 1151-1162. 

• Eakin, B. Kelly, Mark J. Buono and Daniel McMillen. “Constructing Confidence Intervals Using the Bootstrap: An Application to a Multi-Product Cost Function.” The Review of Economicsand Statistics 72 (2) May 1990. pp. 339-344. • Buono, Mark J., Russell B. Gregory-Allen and Uzi Yaari. “The Efficacy of Term Structure Estimation Techniques – A Monte Carlo Study.” Journal of Fixed Income 1 (4) March 1992. pp. 52-63. 




Commercial Real Estate Lending

CRE Portfolio Management

CRE Portfolio Risk Management



University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Ph.D. in Economics

College of Charleston

B.S. in Economics


College of Charleston

Visiting Instructor of Finance and Interim Director of the Carter Real Estate Center


Global Atlantic Financial Corporation

Senior Advisory Director

Managing Director/Commercial Real Estate Portfolio Manager


Goldman, Sachs and Company

Managing Director - Special Asset Group

Managing Director - Mortgage Trading

Vice President - Mortgage Research


Freddie Mac

Vice President – Mortgage Trading

Vice President –Mortgage Research


Rutgers University

Assistant Professor of Finance


Temple University

Assistant Professor of Finance


CMBS and CRE Expert Witness


Commercial Real Estate Lending,

CRE Portfolio Management,

CRE Portfolio Risk Management, SEDA consulting, SEDA financial group, Financial services testifying expert, Financial Industry Experts, Testifying Experts Support, financial expert witness, Dispute Resolution

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