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Financial Expert Witness I SEDA Experts

SEDA Experts provides independent advice, financial consulting services, data analytics, valuation, and financial expert witness services to financial institutions and law firms in both litigation and business contexts.

SEDA financial expert witnesses have unmatched industry experience in a vast array of financial services practices. With over 30 years as global managing directors at leading financial institutions and consulting firms, each of our financial expert witnesses is dedicated to applying exceptional real-world economic, financial, and quantitative principles to complex financial and legal challenges.

SEDA financial expert witnesses have been successfully engaged as testifying experts in hundreds of cases pertaining to real-world finance litigation, disputes, and consulting.


We at SEDA Experts are proud to provide our world-class financial expert witness services on a wide range of high stake matters in the following financial areas: asset management, risk management and compliance, securities and derivatives, structured finance, custody and trustee services, forensic accounting, damage, and valuation.


SEDA provides elite financial expert witness services to law firms and financial institutions. Our financial expert witnesses may be engaged at different stages of the dispute and litigation process including assisting clients in the discovery process, submit declarations or affidavits in support to clients' claims, write and submit expert reports and rebuttal reports, depositions, assist mediation and settlement, and testify at trial.


Our financial expert witnesses are supported by a team specialized in data analysis, offering our clients state-of-the-art economic, financial and statistical analysis of large datasets, turning complex data into easy to read charts, graphs, and expert reports. The accuracy and efficiency of our analysis help our client so that key opinions and strategies could be reliably based in fact.

SEDA Experts assist clients with financial damages calculation and analysis that could be performed for purposes of filing a claim, mediation and settlement negotiations, or as part of the damages expert report and trial preparation. We also provide damage, forensic accounting, and valuation services outside dispute and litigation context.

Our invaluable extensive network of in-house and outside financial experts includes academic and finance industry leaders. We assist law firms and clients to find the expert witness that better fits their needs, with the right skill set, industry experience, and expertise.


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