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Brett Holleman 
Managing Director


  • FX Trading 

  • Commodity Trading

  • Derivatives Trading

  • Sovereign Bonds 

Brett Holleman  | FX, Commodity and Derivatives Trading Expert Witness | SEDA Experts

Brett Holleman has over 25 years of experience trading in financial markets. For much of his career he served as Co-Head of Global Trading at Fortress Investment Group’s flagship $9bn global macro fund, responsible for all trading in fixed income, currency, and commodity products. His experience includes foreign exchange in over fifty currencies, sovereign bonds, and interest rate swaps in thirty countries, and commodity trading in precious and base metals, energy, and agricultural products. He has traded currencies and bonds and their respective derivatives, in all major emerging markets. He has extensive experience in plain vanilla and exotic option structures across all asset classes, including volatility, variance, and correlation swaps. In addition, he was responsible for trading large positions in equity index futures and global bond futures.

Mr. Holleman’s time at Goldman Sachs was spent as a market-maker for the Goldman Sachs Commodity Index (GSCI) futures contract, which entailed hedging exposures to twenty-two commodity futures contracts comprising the index. In addition, he ran a $2bn OTC derivatives book, consisting of various commodity-linked notes and option products. He also served as a market-maker in silver, nickel, zinc, lead, and tin. He has made and taken physical delivery of numerous commodity futures contracts. 

At FX Concepts, Mr. Holleman traded a forward-starting interest swap model based on principal components analysis for G-10 countries. He also served on the product development committee, which vetted new models for inclusion in the firm’s overall quantitative model program. 

Working as an analyst at Tudor Investments, Mr. Holleman was responsible for research in G10 fixed income and currency markets, as well as the major commodity markets, with an emphasis on precious and base metals.

Kiodex, Inc. was a risk management software company, founded by ex-Goldman quantitative risk managers to create a web-based platform for commodity risk management aimed at end-users of commodity derivatives. He was involved in business and product development, ensuring analytics met customer needs, and unifying the system’s treatment of futures, physical, and options risk. 

Mr. Holleman also has a background in programming, primarily in Python and SQL. In the course of his expert witness work he has managed datasets with billions of rows of tick data. He has completed a 500-hour data science course and holds a certificate from Google in Machine Learning. 

As an undergraduate at Yale University, Mr. Holleman completed his senior thesis on the failure of the municipal bond futures contract under Nobel laureate Robert Shiller. 


He has worked on several high-profile regulatory cases, including the post-financial crisis antitrust inquiries into LIBOR, FX fixings and the London gold fix. He has also worked on cases pertaining to front running, spoofing, and internal audits of traders and trading desks. He has been deposed numerous times and has testified in matters related to natural gas derivatives, electronic futures trading, algorithmic trading code theft.



Yale University  

B.A., Economics

B.A., Philosophy




SEDA Experts

Managing Director

Expert Witness and Litigation Consultant


FX Concepts LLC

Managing Director

Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

Fortress Investment Group

Managing Director

Co-Head of Global Trading

Tudor Investment Corp.

Research Analyst/Trader

Goldman Sachs

Commodities & Metals Trader

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